Exclusively, Kanhaiya

In media parlance, “exclusive” means, merely, that the interviewee wasn’t speaking to anyone else while he was speaking to me.

Since his release on bail, Kanhaiya Kumar has figured in more exclusives than I can count — interviews in both print and on television where he essentially says the same things in almost the same words.

Not his fault, really — he is responding to the questions asked of him. And when all the effort is to “get” the interview, and very little time and mental energy is spent on what to ask him when you get him, the questions tend to be stultifyingly similar.

Someone should drop a word in that young man’s ear, tell him of the danger of over-exposure.



3 thoughts on “Exclusively, Kanhaiya

  1. Oh – and Prem – this is Sai (aka Indian from the Rediff chat rooms). I forgot to mention who I am 🙂

    Nice to see you blogging away and reporting away!

  2. Hi Prem,

    This is Indian° from the rediff chat rooms (hope you remember those days). A quick question. Could you check with yourself and your folks and numerous other contacts, what they were doing at age 28? I’ll be clear – I was in the US, working my butt off for $ after having finished my BSc and MSc by age 22. Admittedly I did have a sheltered childhood – but I did not indulge in college politics. I distinctly remember one or two guys running for college rep. – one of them even doing the equivalent of India is Indira, Indira is India – Kaka is Khalsa, Khalsa is Kaka was his slogan. The year was 1979 or 1980 – not really sure. Could you check on your friends and find out what THEY were doing at age 28?

    • I could, Sai, but the point would be what, precisely? It would take me, for instance, precisely five minutes to walk to the neighbouring construction site, where there are kids fetching and carrying stuff alongside their parents. And then I could do a piece on how while pre-teen kids are slogging in the sun, here’s this 28 year old still in university, living the life of ease on taxpayer money.

      But as I said, the point?

      BTW: I dropped out when I was just shy of 20. I bummed around for 10 years. And got my first job as a journalist a few months shy of 30. Just saying.

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