How dare you speak of intolerance?!

Via Sportskreeda:

The student leader held forth in his speech on a variety of issues, including capitalism, caste hierarchies, hunger, poverty, which struck a chord with Raina. The Indian cricketer posted on his official social media pages: “#‎kanhaiya on @ndtv right now… Beauty!!! Can just feel the honesty in every word..Respect himtrue fighter and honest man salute you”.

Raina was most probably not prepared for the storm of opposition that would rain down on him for this statement. Many Indian cricket fans took to social media to say that they could not respect Raina as an Indian cricketer anymore.

Raina was called a communist, a Pakistani, a traitor, an anti-national, all within the space of the next few hours. The online abuse has only accentuated on Sunday.