Jhumlas: an occasional series

When fighting elections:

And after winning (emphasis mine):

“You will have to make yourself effective. You will have to present issues with facts and figures. Merely changes in the system will not suffice. Some or the other change keep happening in the structure…In order to establish your leadership, you should have the knowledge of subjects.

That is to say: no. And then, strangely, a link to jealousy:

“Politics is a game of competition but … when the feeling of jealousy dominates in competition, then you cannot grow. If you start feeling that what will happen to you if more talented women come in your field, or if your attempt is that I am there and will not allow anybody else to progress.

“Rather if you allow others to come up, you will go high. A kind of pyramid-like structure comes up then,” the Prime Minister said.

Not surprising. “Why? Because there is no guarantee of getting (women’s) votes”.