BJP for Mallya

The DRT, ED, and assorted banks have started moving in on Vijay Mallya. (On social media, I saw a section of the commentariat pointing out that as soon as the corrupt UPA was turfed out, Mallya’s fortunes have started to turn for the worse).

Therefore, story #2 — which I really hope is a spoof:

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya appears set for a second stint in the Rajya Sabha after garnering ruling BJP’s support for the June 17 biennial elections from Karnataka.

Sources in BJP said the party, with around 30 surplus votes, could ensure victory for 54-year-old Mallya who is contesting as an independent with the support of 27 member JD-S group and an Independent MLA Varthur Prakash.

Sometimes, the news needs no supplementary commentary. This is one of those times.