JNU lecture series: Makarand Paranjape

The latest in the ongoing series:

Paranjape’s set up is pure gold:

I think one of the things that makes JNU, that makes us, important to the nation is precisely this platform, this stage, this alternative performative where we can actually demonstrate our ideas, our disagreements, how to think clearly in fact, rather than the other performative which I would say is mesmerizing. When Kanhaiya came out of jail and gave his talk, I was a convert, I was also swaying and dancing around with everyone, it was a great moment. But what I am going to do today is to emphasize this other performative, where we talk about ideas, we are objective, we are critical, we don’t get carried away, we are open-minded, we are able to interrogate and critique ourselves and not just mount attacks on people we disagree with, and indeed also check factually incorrect statements, you know, the sources of our ideas and so forth.

For once, the students found themselves vis a vis a professor who was saying things that militated against their worldview. Good. A little discomfort is good — it teaches you that there is more than one way of looking at anything.


And here, Soni Sori speaking to JNU students.

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