The “molasses of depression”

“Kanhaiya Kumar has electrified India with not only his speech in which much passion prevailed, but also in the interviews that he has given to the media where much rationality, much common sense, much quiet measured talk and a command of facts prevailed,” she said.

“We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for taking us out of that molasses of depression which many of us had fallen into for a while. Mr Modi has met his match in Kanhaiya Kumar,” she said at a book launch.

Thus, Nayantara Sehgal. Now *I* am sinking into that molasses myself. Our political cupboard is pretty bare if we have begun pinning all our hopes on a university student — however charismatic — to take on the ruling party and its totemic leader.

At best, Kanhaiya Kumar can be a rallying point — one rallying point — for the disaffection that is beginning to spread across campuses nationwide. And that is all that he, at this point in his evolution, should be.