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Who are these people?

From this story. 

File under “Idon’teven…”

The politics of language

A JNU professor made a speech that questioned some of the deeply held beliefs of the Left. For his sins, he was heckled, booed, and “made to face questions from his audience”.

In all this, the current Public Enemy Number One, Kanhaiya Kumar, was the ringleader.

I got all of this from this “story” (maybe there is a reason why we call articles “stories”, after all).

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“Hinduism is the world’s most violent religion”

While scanning through my timeline sometime late last evening, I came across a reference to a “vicious commie bitch”, saw the video that provoked the comment, and found that the video in question was being passed on from hand to digital hand with great rapidity and undiluted venom.

Recent events having made me somewhat wary of truncated clips, I went looking for the original, and found this:

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