“Blogs are dead”

That, at least, is contemporary media wisdom. And maybe the analysts are right — after all, they spend all their lives excel-sheeting the hell out of news, microscopically examining “metrics” and tossing around informed presentations about “Return on Investment” and “audience retention costs” and all of that stuff — the calculus of news.

That said, into my third week after I returned to this blog, I think I’ll stay. For why? Because unlike on social media, here I can not only explore a thought that occurs without artificial constraints of space, I actually get to hear what the reader thinks, to engage with those thoughts and in doing that, to further clarify my own thinking as well.

Like, so.

Occurs to me, this is what I loved about blogging the first time round — this kind of engagement, debate, discussion, which peaked when I was doing either cricket, or this.

damned if I know why I moved away from this (Twitter is the drug of choice — instant gratification, so maybe that was why) but now I am here to stay.

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