Give it up for this lady

“I want to thank Sushma Swaraj ji. She is doing an exceptionally good job to save our people abroad,” Aam Aadmi Party’s Bhagwant Maan said in the Lok Sabha during question hour.

“Recently, 13 people of my constituency were made slaves in Saudi Arabia. I went to meet external affairs ministry officials who acted immediately. As a result, all these people and eight others were saved and finally returned safely,” Mr Maan said.

The clip above from this story.

MEA Sushma Swaraj’s is one of the very few Twitter handles of politicians that I follow with interest, and even delight. She is instantaneously responsive to any plaint addressed to her; she asks the right questions, gets the information she needs, acts on it, and reports back. No noise, no self-congratulatory pats on her own back — and when merited, firm push-backs. (I can’t find the link just now, but I remember this lady bureaucrat posting to her about her ailing father and how she needed a transfer back to her hometown so she could look after him. Pat came the response: “This is not the place for such requests. I don’t like this.”)

Kudos, ma’am. You are such a refreshing, delightful change from the meaningless and/or self-serving pap your fellow politicians on either side of the aisle serve up.