The lesson Mr Kher needed to learn

In course of his speech the other day, Anupam Kher gave his thespian skills full rein on the subject of intolerance.

Have you ever heard an ordinary person speak of intolerance, he asked. With that set-up, he spoke of how he had asked so many mango people what they thought of the “intolerance” bogey.

“Intolerance?… Int… In… kya?” Kher said, acting the role of said mango people who, far from being concerned about it, couldn’t even pronounce it properly and didn’t have a clue what he was asking them about.

That in turn set up a rant about how “intolerance” was a preoccupation of only the champagne liberals.

So here you go — mango people burning Kher in effigy, and nary a glass of champagne in sight:

This is the point many of us have been driving at, Mr Kher — they will come for you, too, because that is the nature of this particular beast: it turns on a dime, and makes no distinction between friend and foe.



One thought on “The lesson Mr Kher needed to learn

  1. Point is: Don’t go on tarnishing image of country, its’ people, culture, and religion based on some fringe incidents. #PseudoIntellectuals, just because they have access to express their views quickly, shouldn’t start stirring pots.

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