A catalog of murder

This is CPM leader Pinnarayi Vijayan’s response to the story of the brutal murder of an RSS worker in full view of school children.

See what I mean when I said I don’t give a flying fuck anymore?


2 thoughts on “A catalog of murder

  1. It’s the usual Hobson’s Choice in Kerala again. Do I vote for a motley crew of the corrupt and the supposedly secular, or do I vote for an aggregation of “left forces” without a single idea in their heads except how to maximise their five year reign. Who leads has become irrelevant in any discussion of the Left there — except VS, but then as we saw last time he led the government, he had to expend all his energies in battling his own ministers and other rent seekers within his party.

  2. Sleazy fellow… and if he leads them in the elections then it might not bring them back to power. Sometimes I question the Left’s choice of leaders and their common-sense. Entha, Panicker-ey?

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