Kanhaiya leaks, redux

Throwing this Sandip Roy piece in here (though frankly, I am bloody bored with the infantile debate — one that shows no sign of ending), because it makes in more elaborate form the points I was driving at in my own earlier post.



3 thoughts on “Kanhaiya leaks, redux

  1. Prem – Interesting piece you may want to browse through. Makes some valid points. And no, this is not about ‘the’ leak 🙂

    • I read Jha’s piece, Amit. And yes, it is a fair summation of the situation. Reminds me of school biology lessons, where I recall hearing that the squid, whenever it feels threatened, throws out a cloud of dense, stinky black ink that blinds and chokes the enemy. This “strategy” seems to be on the same lines: Just keep throwing muck at anything and everything, all of it draped in dog-whistle tropes like flag, patriotism, nationalism etc. Never mind the consequences, ride each for as long as you can, and when it begins to backfire, light a fire someplace else. Keeps everyone occupied, gives the base something to get excited about, and meanwhile deflects attention from the fact that despite a whole lot of inventive acronyms, nothing much is really getting done.

      I have my own doubts about the efficacy of this tactic, but that can wait — first, for 2017, when Punjab and UP go to the polls, and then in 2019.

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