Because it is Sunday…

…Open Thread, folks.

Toss in links to stuff that is worth reading.,

Talk of what is top of your mind — the things you feel strongly about and don’t think is being discussed enough.

And in passing — because this blog is now here to stay — tell me what works, what doesn’t, what you want to see more of, what you expect to see on here but don’t…

Like I said — open house. Meanwhile, I am off to spend the day with Ramesh Srivats and Mahesh Shankar

Their plans for the spanking new fantasy sports site Fandromeda will feature on the agenda (Check it out, if you haven’t already — this is a beginning, the team has a lot more coming up, sign up and come along for the ride). So will beer. Lots more of the latter than the former.

See you back here tomorrow morning.