The false binaries of political discourse

I started out clipping bits from this article that I wanted to bring to your attention — and then realised I was clipping most of it anyway.

So read, in full, Amit Varma on Professor Makarand Paranjape’s JNU lecture, Kanhaiya Kumar’s off-point questioning, and the false binaries of our political discourse.

Also read — despite the enforced pagination — Tabish Khair on JNU, sedition, Kanhaiya Kumar and related issues.

4 thoughts on “The false binaries of political discourse

  1. Just wanted to point out this speech… Very interesting (Never mind the listless, unreceptive audience… very sad). I am sure you skipped this thinking it was science stuff 🙂 It is quite informative, even if it is a little gauche, in fact I was cringing as he spoke haha.. But I was impressed by his diversity of knowledge and how he used various ideas….

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