Off with his head, the sequel

News item:

The Shiv Sena on Thursday attacked MIM president Asaduddin Owaisi for his refusal to say `Bharat Mata Ki Jai` and said he should be “legally beheaded”.

Taking umbrage at Owaisi`s utterances in Latur last week that he would not say `Bharat Mata Ki Jai` even if he was threatened with a knife, the Sena said, “Why should anybody do this? He should be legally beheaded.”

How do you even put “legally” and “beheaded” in the same sentence? And what can you even say about this game of patriotic oneupmanship, where a BJP MP offers a one crore reward for someone’s tongue and the Shiv Sena ups the ante and demands the whole head?

There is this much to be said, though — the Shiv Sena understands that patriotism is its own reward — notice that no reward is being offered?



4 thoughts on “Off with his head, the sequel

    • Thank you for this link, Colonel, I hadn’t come across it. And I see why you brought it up — the parallels are incredibly striking. As with the US, the resonance of “nationalism” in India stems from a decade of drift; as in the US, “nationalism” done right could be a great force for good in our country. And as in the US, the sad part is that the nationalist idea as is being practiced here is unfortunately divisive, where it should be a unifier.

      Thanks for the kind words, sir — be safe,

      • Dear Sir,

        Thank you for your prompt response.

        The false binaries are having huge deleterious impact on the mindset of the Armed Forces;beyond what is in the public domain. To hear words like “the Army Chief is a JAT,and thus he is party to the so called non intervention of the IA ” cuts multiple daggers into our hearts and souls. Where are we taking our nation to?Request find time to explore this deeply distressing aspect.Further, check out on the Q&A between BJP President and Lt Gen Shankar Prasad at the India Today conclave late yesterday evening.Something is amiss!

        Yours as ever,

  1. Hahaha… legally beheaded… I am so amused.. what? They are asking for the Guillotine to be brought back??
    Someone, quick, give them an idea about tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered, about the tools of the Inquisition. Why spend money to watch horrible hollywood versions of those, we might as well see them here -LIVE!!

    Not to sound macabre… but have you been at an autopsy..?? the tongue is actually very long… so what would satisfy them? From the tip? the visible tongue to the first half? or remove the whole infernal organ in its entirety?
    Oh wait, there is someone called Kirit Somaiya who can probably give a first-hand account of it.. possibly someone did it to him… 😀
    “B-wher eez theez theeng khaming f-Dom? I heb sed so men–hee T-haayeems thish eej nat phar the massej… da kom-on pi-pul vil nut st-end thij”…. Kirit, off with your disturbing tongue…

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