TIL: No criticising the government in Urdu

A news report worth your notice:

The National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL), which operates under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, has introduced a form which requires authors of books NCPUL acquires annually to declare that the content will not be against the government or the country.



3 thoughts on “TIL: No criticising the government in Urdu

    • Does the age of the rule make it somehow ok? I don’t see how. To address the other point made in that piece you link to: I read the report and noticed the bit that it only applies to those books earmarked for bulk purchase. And I don’t see how that legitimises it, either — basically, that is a government saying we will subsidise your writing but you can’t criticise us. Which — done by any government, regarding any language — I’d still oppose. One test of *any* government is its ability to absorb criticism.

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