Two stories, one dangerous trend

A policeman is seen supposedly drunk. Someone shoots a video and uploads it. The Aam Aadmi Party, which has been arguing for control of the Delhi police, sees an opportunity and pushes the video hard. It goes viral. Police officials immediately suspend the supposedly errant cop.

It turns out the cop was suffering a stroke.

Elsewhere, a girl student goes to a national education center to do some research. She is stopped at the gates; the security guard declares her a traitor and says she comes from a den of anti-nationals, and refuses to let her in. She leaves in tears.

Spot the link between the two stories?





4 thoughts on “Two stories, one dangerous trend

  1. Action was taken in both cases in the basis of an unverified video, without cross checking with the other side. Both resulted in pain and problems, because one side refused to listen to the other.

  2. Actually, I fail to see the link. In one case it was used maliciously for political purposes, though I understand that it could be innocent as well. (The person who shot the video might well have truly considered him to be drunk on duty).
    In the second case, it shows what the public discourse has provided the common man, the man on the street. Which is why, the posters that you spoke about make me apprehensive. This man is obviously ignorant and having heard one narrative has blocked his ears to anything that is contrary or anything that is said later.
    If it is a case of one man posting videos with malice or without, then the other is a stark reminder of what media has wrought upon us. The mindless acceptance of statements and narratives. Yes, in that you are right, we mindlessly accept both narratives, prima facie. But the first one could actually be an honest mistake (mind you, I am no fan of AAP and before anyone uses the -tard suffix, I just want to say that I am probably just as disgusted with the results of the video. Not as defense, but as clarity).

    • The link lies in amplification without question — and without consideration of the consequences. We do these different things for different reasons. As you say, the guy may well have shot that cop’s behavior in all ignorance. But once it is seized on and converted into a political tool, it takes on a life of its own, and people begin to react — vide the senior officials who promptly suspended the cop, simply so they could save themselves embarrassment. In the other case, again, a message is cynically amplified — again, with sad consequences.

      It is the very fact that both cases are different that attracted my attention — because in the end, the results are convergent, and disastrous to the victim.

      • I know… we live in perilous times. I was possibly playing the devil’s advocate on this one, actually. Being deliberately obtuse, might I say, like yourself sometimes? 😀
        Ok, not having fun at your cost. It is a serious issue and one that we disregard at our own peril. Thank you for that.. I am sorry I am sometimes plain frivolous or devilish… 🙂

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