Oh, FFS!

I know election speeches are about emotive appeals, but — really?



10 thoughts on “Oh, FFS!

  1. Modiji has “बरसो पुराना नाता” with pretty much every thing on the planet 🙂

  2. I can’t understand what is wrong with that statement. Is it some north Indian nuance that I am missing here?

    • Nothing “wrong”. I was merely amused, and wondering just how long the PM is going to drive his chaiwallah trope, and how many ways he will find to use it whenever he wants votes. Do you know of many railway stations where the chaiwallah serves you “Assam team”?

      • I think he will “drive his chaiwallah trope” as long as he is alive; that is perfectly alright for he had been a chaiwallah. Maybe because of one’s own humble background, it does feel good that we have a prime minister who could say things like ‘when I was a chaiwallah’ rather than ‘when I was in Oxford’ (nothing wrong with the latter of course).

        • Cool beans. Humble beginnings is a fair rhetorical trope when you are a contestant. We can disagree about its utility when you have actually become the PM. BTW, not bothered by it, if that is what Nitin is talking about below — merely amused.

          • I don’t even enter the utility debate. He had been a chaiwallah and talks about his experience as chaiwallah. Useful or not, it’s not a pretense. If it is a source amusement for the sophisticated, so be it, eh?

  3. How do you know? 😛 Maybe he was serving the French in the Alliance Francais… “Poonakandy, Assam Gold or Darjeeling Gold, messieurs et mesdames??”

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