From the dept of ‘Hamam mein sab…’

The story, in brief: In 2014 the Delhi High Court ruled that both the BJP and the Congress were in violation of the FCRA when the parties accepted contributions from Vedanta, the London-based MNC.

The government appealed; the case is now in the Supreme Court. And meanwhile, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley slipped a clause into the latest Finance Bill by which he — with retrospective effect — changed the definition of ‘foreign companies’, so that Vedanta is now an ‘Indian company’. In other words, he changed legal definitions in order to make kosher what the court said is a criminal act.

The full details here, as reported in The Wire.

Keep this story and the implications in mind when you next wonder why the BJP, having made the many scams of the Congress its main election issue, is now dragging its collective feet on every single one of them.

2 thoughts on “From the dept of ‘Hamam mein sab…’

  1. After thinking about it more, isn’t this new change in law anti-national ? Can this be challenged in courts ?

  2. Good to know the Indian politicians are following the US politicians in making corruption more sophisticated.

    Looks like the change will be a game changer and allow politicians to be bought by non-Indians legally.

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