Cue laugh track

The Chandigarh government has apparently decided to monitor the length of skirts worn by women in discotheques.

What elevates garden variety moral policing into the realm of inspired whatthefuck-ery is this bit:

The committee has decided that they may refuse permission to bar owners to run in case of “exhibition or advertisement of scantily dressed women” and “indecency” or if it is “seditious and likely to excite political discontent.”

However, no one knows what is the definition of “scantily dressed women” or “indecency” or “seditious” mean.

How do you even manage to bring “sedition” and “political discontent” into this?


One thought on “Cue laugh track

  1. Easy, when some smart guy/leech/lecher in the bar is asking them to part with even those scanty things…. partition… sedition…
    Political discontent, when an RSS chaddi meets violently with a Bermuda…. Nation versus Island…

    (You are in form today… making up for all the days of silence? hehe)…

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