The domination game plan

This dates back to 2000 but is incredibly prescient and hence worth re-surfacing in the present context.

In a January 22, 2000 article, a soi dissant maverick wrote an explainer about the RSS gameplan for a total takeover of the country. He spoke of how an aging right-wing leadership, feeling that time was running out on them, planned to up the ante, to implement what the writer called the Final Solution.

The writer broke the plan down into a series of sequential steps. I’ll quote, extensively, with an apology to the publishers — the only reason I am doing this is because this piece, and the points it makes, needs to be brought back to the center of public consciousness at this point in time. Here it is, emphasis added where required:

THE first component of the game plan is to discredit the RSS’ opponents but protect its converts. The First Information Report in the Bofors case is a classic instance of this strategem. In that FIR, Rajiv Gandhi’s name figures in the list of accused (n ever mind the column). But those Cabinet Ministers who vetted and signed the deal, or had even held secret negotiations on the “financial parameters” with the Bofors company as representatives of Rajiv Gandhi, are prosecution witnesses. Naturally we can guess what they will say in the witness box….  The motto is: “Join us and be free. Resist us and see you in court.” By a series of such sham prosecutions and managed associate media leaks, the RSS expects to undermine the democratic Opposition in India.

Pause. Think of contemporary events across the socio-political landscape. How many instances can you recall, off the top of your head, of this plan in action? This is not a timed test, take your time.

Done? Okay, next:

The second component of the RSS game plan is to shake public confidence in every institution that can circumscribe or act as a speed-breaker for the RSS juggernaut. The Law Minister has already initiated moves to emasculate the Supreme Court via the judicial commission and by threatening political monitoring of judicial ethics. Just in case his ilk got too rebellious, he has threatened to amend the law (through an ordinance) to permit foreign lawyers to practise in Indian courts. Briefless Jaffna lawyers are waiting to fill the vacuum.

Over-reach, you think? The Supreme Court and various state high courts have in recent times distinguished themselves with a series of far-reaching judgments — hardly signs of emasculation?

Here is a news report dated September 10, 2017, quoting RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s views on how the laws of the land need to be reframed.

Moving on:

The Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister has elevated an RSS activist to the post of a selector of teachers in the National Council for Educational Research and Training, a person who defends his credentials of valour by recording that he once had s hot dead a young Muslim girl to protect her honour and to end her misery while she was being gang-raped by Hindu youth during Partition. That, of course, is Hindutva justice: that is, the minorities can best look forward to liberation through mercy killi ng.

Christians are being targeted by the front organisations of the RSS in order to terrorise and ghetto-ise all minorities. Since Osama bin Laden is stalking the Hindustan peninsula with his millions of dollars and narcotics, for the wily and cautious RSS. Christians are an easy target because there are no Christian terrorists to retaliate. As the period of the Emergency clearly demonstrated, the RSS is astute enough to know when to hunt with the hounds and when to run with the hares. They are smarter than the German fascists in this respect.

The third component of the RSS game plan is to ready the blueprints for implementing the agenda. Of course they cannot implement it in the present Parliament, but it will be their USP (unique selling proposition) for the mid-term poll. They have already scripted the new history texts; they have sent into circulation amongst the faithful how the new Constitution of India should be structured.

Jumping ahead to another crucial element in the gameplan:

The RSS game plan also has proposals to bridle the electoral system. Adult suffrage is out, but furthermore, the electoral college for the Lok Sabha will not vote for candidates, but for parties under a List System. Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will be used in all the constituencies. Perhaps it is then easier to rig the outcome. After all, in the 1999 general elections, the BJP and its allies won 34 out of the 45 Lok Sabha constituencies which had EVMs. On that ratio, the NDA should have won 405 se ats of the 544 Lok Sabha constituencies and not 292. EVMs have to be programmed by an engineer to tabulate the votes in its memory. It can easily be programmed to transfer votes of one candidate to another, or one party to another. The EVMs are entirely unsafeguarded today. I suspect it was rigged in the 1999 general elections.

In May this year, the Election Commission decided that Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail will be used in upcoming elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. That mouthful, simplified, means that in these elections, the electronic votes will have a corresponding paper trail, so that it is possible to check whether the machine is taking my vote in favor of one party and transferring it to another.

In August of this year, the central government opposed in the Supreme Court petitions seeking VVPAT as backup to EVMs —wait, why would the government oppose a verification process? 

There is much else in the cited piece that, despite it being 17 years old, feels as if it was written last night. It is worth reading in full.

It’s author, who by all accounts is one of the most well-connected, well-informed people in India, is Dr Subramanian Swamy.





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  1. Great article. I hope other publications pick it up and we have a debate on this. S Swamy is considered quite intelligent so even if he was imagining RSS’s gameplan, he would not be very far off from the gist and the RSS intent. Would be good to know his views on RSS now.

    • I doubt there is any secret of Swamy’s current mindset — he is now a fully paid-up member of the RSS and the larger Hindutva combine, no? But then, Swamy has at various times been anti-BJP and pro-BJP, anti-Jayalalitha and pro-Jayalalitha, anti-Congress and pro-Congress 0– he is whatever he needs to be to further his own interests. At the time he wrote this, he was anti-BJP because AB Vajpayee had single-handedly thwarted his ambition of a Cabinet berth.

  2. I always thought that Subramanian Swamy was an insult to his God given intellect.
    His education and abilities fly in the face of his immoral summersaults on every issue from politics to social issues .His brazen, defiant espousal of issues he had lashed out against, and his shameless alliances with people ,who were the erstwhile targets of his rabid verbal assaults, are astonishing for a man of his native intelligence. For sustained hatemongering he has few peers .
    What a criminal waste of God given gifts !

  3. Congratulations on becoming a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist from being someone who had semblance of reason. You invented an article purportedly written by an RSS guy (where’s the proof?) to make your paranoid hatred appear reasonable. And just re-read. Whatever you accuse RSS of planning to do, the liberal establishment has already done.

    • When you get to where you can’t use your own name in comments and have to pretend to be someone else, you know you are struggling.

    • Oh by the way — that is a bylined article, published in a magazine Swamy was writing for at the time. Check the URL, check the byline. It is linked to in the piece. “Invented” is the best you can do?

  4. Congratulations on becoming a batshit crazy conspiracy theorist from being someone who had semblance of reason. You invented an article purportedly written by an RSS guy (where’s the proof?) to make your paranoid hatred appear reasonable. And just re-read. Whatever you accuse RSS of planning to do, the liberal establishment has already done.

    • Wait! I don’t get it. How does this work? So, if it is a Muslim issue, you will start using a name like Mohammed Shaikh, or Mohd. Junaid to sound like a “liberated” muslim speaking against his own community. If it is a liberal issue, then you pick a liberal name from the list and use it to bash liberals. Giddy stuff, in fact, stomach-churning stuff. If it is a Christian issue, you will use some name like David or Anthony etc etc. If it is a Pakistan issue, then you masquerade as a Pakistani bad-mouthing his country. The variation in this case is just the use of a name but still spouting the usual ranting nonsense.
      I have no doubt that you probably have a list of names sent by your bosses to use to suit the occasion/topic. No one said that you guys were smart, just brainwashed automatons copy-pasting the same thing over and over again.
      Cue: Enter another/same hero of the brigade to paste the same content with another liberal name. Or maybe even send me a reply with some MC, BC, and other delicate terms in between. By the way, I am not defending Prem. He is more than capable of doing it with far fewer words and to devastating effect. Just could not resist standing up to you, is all.

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