First up, apologies for the long absence — trust me, it was out of necessity.

Secondly, some news: I am working, with a friend, on plans for an extended storytelling trip across a large part of India, somewhat on the lines of Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk. As these plans fall into place and the schedule is fixed, I’ll update with more details.

And finally — with this upcoming trip in view, I figured I needed a refurbished site with which to capture the stories, images, maps, videos and other storytelling options we will be using. Therefore, this site, which is where I will be posting from here on.

I am currently consulting with a company called cricket.com; my role involves creating a long-term roadmap for a fledgling company that wants to get into cricket, and fantasy, in a big way. It is a short-term (six month) contract — deliberately so, because in the latter half of the year I will be busy with the road trip and in no position to fulfil any other commitments.

While writing cricket is not part of my job description at cricket.com, I have occasionally helped out with some post-match posts. You will find them aggregated on the new site.

A request: Since the site is a work in progress, please do not circulate either the site URL, or even individual posts, on social media. For now, I want to keep this under the radar, until development work is complete and I begin posting about the new project.

Any thoughts, comments etc welcome, as always — but I’d appreciate it if they were sent to my mail, and not posted here. It is prem.panicker at gmail

Thanks much, guys; hopefully, I’ll have your company on the storytelling journey that begins soon. Best, all.