Leave of absence

I have a small medical emergency to tend to, that will keep me away today and tomorrow. Will be back the day after.

Will leave you with something to think about. Read this from Scroll. I just did — and then flipped through history to see what happened to predominantly student/citizen-led protests both in India and elsewhere.

The past is always instructive about the future. Think for instance of the Nav Nirman Movement in Gujarat, 1973-1974 (in which, ironically, Modi was involved). And of the Bihar students movement, 1974.

When I get back, will link you up with similar movements around the world, connect them up, and think about where this current movement can lead, and how.

Be well, all. Will leave you with some eye-catching material, and a related thought:

When a protest movement begins to draw on local cultural tropes is when the roots of the protest go down deep into those sections of society that are otherwise on the sidelines. And this is happening, across the country, with increasing frequency. It’s a thought worth holding on to.