The state versus the students

December 15, 2019: Police — many of them masked — entered the Old Reading Hall on the first floor of Jamia Milia Islamia university, and this happened.

Ostensibly, the police action was in retaliation for violence by students in course of which buses were burnt. But:

The extended thread, with four videos, is here. The police repeatedly denied that this happened. One student, Minajuddin, lost his eye in this attack — this is his testimony. And the library, after the police action, was in this state:

The media, while reporting on the incident, spoke of “clashes” between police and students. How is it a “clash” when one side is masked and armed, and the other side is armed only with books? Always worth paying attention, when reading news stories, to exculpating language.

Passing mention: The Delhi police, which on that day entered the campus without permission, report directly to Home Minister Amit Shah.

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    • The word “clash” used in a sentence such as “There was a clash between police and students” implies violence. But yeah, sure, sophistication. Cheers.

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