Drought, redux

To my surprise, an earlier post on the pointless symbolism of shifting the IPL out of Maharashtra resulted in emails (and messages) from several friends. The consensus was this: While they agree that shifting cricket out of a drought-hit state does not solve the problem, symbolic gestures are not to be sneered at either — […]

Putting the ‘free’ in markets

I noticed two friends, Anand Ramachandran and Harsha Bhogle, in animated discussion on Twitter this morning. The crux appeared to be that Anand was critical of some of the IPL auction rules as framed, especially the fact that some franchises were gaining advantages on what was supposed to be a level playing field; Harsha’s basic […]

IPL clips

#1. GS Vivek and Debesh Bannerjee, in the Indian Express, on the after-match commitments of the players: A top player speaks about the effect on their body clock. “We return to the hotel from the match around midnight and get ready for the party. Most of these parties go on till the wee hours. When […]

Mein Fuhrer Modi

In a recent think piece, Ian Chappell made some pertinent points about IPL fuhrer commissioner Lalit Modi: Modi has had moments of brilliance interspersed with occasional lapses. His outstanding manoeuvres have resulted in IPL franchises, the IPL-Google deal and the BCCI’s finances rising exponentially. On the debit side there have been his indiscretions in the […]