About me

I am a journalist, into my 28th year. Started with the Free Press Journal as an apprentice; then with the Indian Post as a reporter and editor of the Arts and Oped pages. From there to Mid-Day Publications, first as Chief Feature Writer, then as Features Editor. Then Sunday Observer, as Senior Editor in charge of the magazine section plus sports.

With a group of six other journalists, I then joined Rediff.com to start the website, in December 1995 — it was India’s first ever web-only news service, one of the earliest in the world to not have a print or TV arm.

Between late 2001 and end 2006, I was posted in New York as Editor of India Abroad, the community paper for the Indian American community. I returned to Rediff as its Editorial Director; then joined Yahoo as Managing Editor for India.

I quit Yahoo in November 2014 and have been freelancing since. I also started a site — peepli.org — for deep reporting on environmental, water, climate change and refugees issues, for which I am currently seeking investment.




22 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, heard your podcast on the seen and the unseen. For your work in Kerala, can offer my vehicle with my as driver, free of charge. Based in Kochi.

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