About me

I am a journalist, into my 28th year. Started with the Free Press Journal as an apprentice; then with the Indian Post as a reporter and editor of the Arts and Oped pages. From there to Mid-Day Publications, first as Chief Feature Writer, then as Features Editor. Then Sunday Observer, as Senior Editor in charge of the magazine section plus sports.

With a group of six other journalists, I then joined Rediff.com to start the website, in December 1995 — it was India’s first ever web-only news service, one of the earliest in the world to not have a print or TV arm.

Between late 2001 and end 2006, I was posted in New York as Editor of India Abroad, the community paper for the Indian American community. I returned to Rediff as its Editorial Director; then joined Yahoo as Managing Editor for India.

I quit Yahoo in November 2014 and have been freelancing since. I also started a site — peepli.org — for deep reporting on environmental, water, climate change and refugees issues, for which I am currently seeking investment.




21 thoughts on “About me

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  4. Hon’ble Sir, I respect you as senior journalist and have a lot of regard for your guileless work in your field. Sir, I have a real agonizing story depicting barbarism, corruption and criminal conspiracy by white collar people in our civilized society.Media is under pressure of ruling party and I have something big to expose. Would you bless me with your help and guidelines.
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  6. Hello Prem,

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  10. can i ask a personnel Q to you,..i want to ask you about your name. because me too have a part of your name ie PANICKER. may i know how you got this name. i mean the orgin of this surname..are you belongs to hindu nair family? but am a christian..so am so eager to know about your surname.if you have time means can you give me a mail on above address.

  11. Prem Sir,

    A curious question: couple of days ago cricinfo had a quote by Adam Gilcrist about how IPL should be investigated thoroughly and cleaned to the bottom. I no longer see this on the quote-unquote page. This is the first for cricinfo! Are journalists and in particular cricinfo under pressure of the big brother.

    PS: I am not sure this is the right way to get in touch with you.

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