The noose as fashion accessory…

…for stupidity, insensitivity. (Actually, with the BJP, ‘its always the season…)always the season…)

And you ain’t heard nothing yet. The gent explains:

“If Maharashtra government is giving five lakh rupees as compensation, then some other government in neighbouring state is giving seven lakh,” he said. “There’s a competition in these people in giving money (compensation) to farmers,” the first time MP said.



Yeah. Those words were the problem, see? Not the thought behind it, nor the trivialisation of farmer suicides.

I, victim

The heart bleeds, as bleed it must, for this symbol of the oppressed South.


India is Indira…

The Bhakti cult, revised and upgraded.

There is no shortage of WTF-ness, these days. Even so — this post, and this account, breaks new ground.


Anbulla Rajnikanth…




For a brief while there, I actually had more followers than Rajnikanth. Now I can die happy.

Speaking of followers, you know all those social media gurus who teach you how to post relevant stuff, to not spam, to not over-post, to never repeat yourself… all those “tips and tricks”?

And then the superstar does this — and his follow count mounts at the rate of 60 or so every minute. What do you know?

Anbulla Rajinikanth



Jaguar Javagal, the man-eating fast bowler

Actually, jaguar is not the fastest animal on earth. At its best, a jaguar can clock about 70km/hour. But like Srinath’s bowling, jaguar is considered to be extremely accurate when it comes to claiming its victim. Probably, that is what clinched Srinath’s choice for adoption.

There you go — there’s your laugh line for today. Courtesy Deccan Herald, and this story.

Funny thing is, ever since I stopped blogging in June [the whys and wherefores can wait], I’d been getting questions on Twitter and in mail on when I was planning on starting up again. End-August, was my inevitable response, and August 30 was always going to be when I came back here. And look what happens — the day before, the game I’ve followed over a lifetime, one that has powered a majority of the posts on this blog, goes to hell in a hand-basket. Again.

So I thought I’d return not with a post on the latest match/spot-fixing scandal, but with the link above. And leave you with the highly risible visual of Javagal the jaguar, who over a lifetime in cricket was, just like the animal, accurate in claiming its victim. After all, on a day like this, what you don’t need is more bad news; what you do need — though you don’t realize it yet — is a prompt for belly-deep laughter.

Enjoy. Will return, with match-fixing thoughts, and regular updates, tomorrow.

The uber captain

A standout moment of the IPL final between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings was MS Dhoni’s innovative field placement for Keiron Pollard.

Besides a regular long off on the boundary line, MS placed a mid off on the edge of the circle. “We tried this out in practice against Mathew Hayden,” MS later explained. “Bit hitters don’t play reverse sweeps and dabs, they look to hit down the ground,” he further explained, arguing that in such cases, a mishit to a fullish length ball outside off would present a catch to mid off, and if the shot did come off, there was always long off to limit the damage.

Brilliant captaincy, I thought at the time as I watched Mathew Hayden at mid off dive to hold Pollard off a mishit, and thus end any remote chance MI had to pull off a win.

Now I am beginning to wonder.

According to sources, Venkatesan’s influence over Srinivasan and the team has risen to such an extent that he decides who should be included in the playing XI and also, shockingly, the batting order.

Dhoni himself was told to bat at various positions throughout the tournament, sources said, even though he was successful at Nos 5 and 6 in the first two matches.

The decision to open the bowling with off spinner R. Ashwin – thought to be a strategic masterstroke by Dhoni – was also allegedly dictated by Venkatesan, as was the decision to bowl Muttiah Muralitharan’s full four overs quota in all the 11 matches he played. Luckily for CSK, Ashwin’s promotion worked wonders for the team.

According to insiders, Venkatesan even decides Dhoni should bat or field if he wins the toss. Though Venkatesan is over the moon when Chennai wins, sources said he comes up with inane explanations for the team’s loss.

“On one occasion, he said the team lost because someone had parked his car on the western side of the stadium,” an insider said. ” To this, our team owner just nodded his head in agreement.

Link courtesy Manu, on Twitter.