Public utility

Here’s a website [related story] that tells movie-goers when it’s safe to go take a leak without the fear of missing much [some bloke who came near busting his bladder one time must have dreamt this one up]. Now someone please come up with a site that tells you when it’s safe to come out of the toilet and actually watch. [Tangentially, isn’t this carrying environmental concern one drop too far?]

Two serials and a movie

Amit Varma makes the case for banning Sach Ka Saamna [with a strong argument for doing away with half measures and banning the truth, the whole truth, while you are about it].

Great Bong makes a strong case to be appointed in-charge of all televised swayamvars.

And Girish Shahane makes the case for sanity — if not in film-making, then at least in picking the films to watch.