Viru hits out

How do you tame a dissident? Simple — you give him a seat at the top table.

Vide Sunil Dev. At one time in his career, the long-serving DDCA official used to go out of his way to draw the attention of journalists to everything that was going wrong in Delhi, and Indian, cricket. This link is to just one of the many occasions he has spoken to me on such issues, during the days when I used to cover cricket on a regular basis. And here, mention of a hilarious face off between Dev and Dalmiya, with each suing the other for progressively larger sums.

I just saw the gent on TV, going — with eyes as wide as he can get them — ‘Corruption? What corruption? What is Sehwag talking about? Why is he talking about it?’

All this because Sehwag said he is fed up of the corruption in the unit, and wants to quit Delhi. To which Dev’s response is a pithy ‘mind your own business’.

And it is not as if corruption in the DDCA — known to the cognoscenti as the best watering hole in the national capital for cheap booze — is unheard of. It is not even as if this is the first time Sehwag has raised the issue. It is not as if the DDCA is not aware of the problem — in fact, it set a precedent by sacking its selection committee over such shenanigans, not so long ago.

Word among cricket journalists is that even in the notoriously corrupt world of state-level selections, the DDCA sets standards others cannot even aspire to — on which, Sharda Ugra, some time back. And historically, a vicious cycle has perpetuated itself: for instance, Chetan Chauhan while serving as vice president of the DDCA raised red flags about corruption; but then, as chairman of the selection committee, managed to get his nephew into the team.

In fact, the situation is so bad that earlier this year, the government of India appointed a three-member committee to oversee its workings [Who is the government to talk, Dev might well ask].

Oh well. Stand by for much back and forth, he-said he-said — till the next controversy comes along and everyone can go back to business as usual. Somewhere along the way, Sehwag will meet with Arun Jaitley who will assure him that his concerns will be looked into.